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Data Table: Top 300 Yellow Page Headings

February 1, 2009
Top 300 YP Headers

Top 300 YP Headers

I came across some interesting data the other day detailing the top 300 yellow page headers for 2006. This list shows you the most popular categories listed in the local phone book, based on the number of total references to a particular category listing.

As you can see, the top 3 categories are:

  • Restaurants (Fast Foods, Other & Non Specific)
  • Physician & Surgeons (Specialists & Non Specific)
  • Automobile Parts-New & Used

The data was stuck in a PDF document, so I grabbed it, parsed it and put it into a sortable data table to make it more functional. This data was compiled by the Yellow Pages Association.

Feel free to download the data table in CSV, JSON or XML format. Or download the PDF document if you want a hard copy.


Gmail Gadget: Monitor Twitter Feeds

January 22, 2009

Gmail Gadget

I was reading over the Google Blog regarding a new feature that allows you to add any gadget by pasting in the URL of its XML spec file (e.g. I tested the feature and found that you can’t edit the Gadget settings within Gmail.  So, I hacked a quick Gmail Gadget. (more…)

Graph Visualization: Graph Gear

January 21, 2009

Graph Gear is an open platform for graph visualization (the mathematical kind, not the bar chart kind). It allows you to create an interactive graph with force directed layout that has a good interactive user experience.

Graph Gear Visualization