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A Glimpse into Walmart’s Vision for Mobile

January 4, 2012

Regarding the recent acquisition of Small Society, Kosmix, OneRiot and Grabble, Walmart Labs has taken a strong position on the future of commerce and embedded systems.  Walmart believes it can create the infrastructure for the next generation of mobile shopping and converge these services to create new experiences for consumers.  And, it’s doing it with the help of former Yahoo! engineers.

Walmart Labs new vision is strongly supported by Yahoo technical standards community leader Eran Hammer-Lahav, Ben Galbraith, Dion Almaer and Tom Hughes-Croucher.  These guys have the vision and the technical experience to deliver.

What caught my eye today is Hammer-Lahav’s comment regarding Walmart Lab’s mobile vision…

There are so many trivial features that it is amazing we don’t have yet. Like knowing how much money the shopping cart is going to cost you before you check out, like standing in front of 10 different kind of canned beans and reading reviews or getting the ‘people who bought other stuff in your cart like this brand.’ Opening an app and choosing ‘roasted chicken’ and getting all the ingredients added to your list, or alternatively, showing you how much it will cost to just buy it prepared. Or telling you how much ketchup you probably have left at home based on your past shopping history, since no one has the time to check everything before they go to the store. That’s without even thinking about this much – just based on my own retail pain. Getting to build stuff like that for 140 million weekly shoppers is mind blowing.”

It’s clear that Walmart Labs is building the back-end infrastructure and building the front end applications to deliver on this vision.   This is great validation on exactly the vision that I am dedicated to with building Semantic Press and the Internet of Things.

I wonder what other retailers are doing to accomplish this task?   After all, everyone knows that Amazon is a software company.

Welcome to the future of commerce  😀