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Mobile Apps and the Internet of Things

January 16, 2012

The gist: mobile apps are driving demand for smarter hardware.  People are wanting closer relationships with the world around around them.  This naturally includes tighter integration with hardware devices and greater control over how we use them.

Just as the Internet fueled demand for engaging online, mobile apps are fueling the desire to interact with hardware.  Mobile is inherently interesting due to its persistent connectivity and accessibility.  It speaks to the heart of value creation.  Always on, always available.

Many people are probably aware of the gist I pointed out above. But, if we take a closer look at what is happening we can see that embedded software is becoming smarter and more social.  Hardware communicates with other hardware.  This is the “Internet of Things” and man does it have large implications.

How big? Well, here is a quick overview of what the Internet of Things looks like (courtesy of Ericsson).

Source: Ericsson AB, “Infrastructure Innovation – Can the Challenge be met?“, Sept 2010

Let’s look at a few examples emerging in 2012.

Evidence #1: Tri Cascade

At the 2012 CES show there were a couple of products that caught my eye.  One such product is from Tri Cascade, based in Newport Beach, CA. Tri Cascade has developed “smart” power outlets that use embedded software that communicates real-time power consumption information.  Using their line of products, you can build a smart home energy system that uses a mobile app for management.  Check out this video demo courtesy of PSFK:

Evidence #2: Samsung

Another interesting application comes from Samsung and their new front-loading washer with integrated Wi-Fi. This washing machine comes with an iPhone app for you to manage remotely.

These are just two examples that I’ve come across recently. I will document the implication of how mobile disrupts industries and business process in the coming weeks.

These are exciting times to be a mobile developer and an honor to be a part of it.

You can find me on Twitter, teaching mobile development with Appcelerator, or working on these type of things at Semantic Press.


Video Demo: ZenDesk

January 26, 2009


Company: Zendesk ApS, Denmark
Type: Help Desk, Hosted Solution
Platform: Ruby/ HTML

Competitive Advantage:

Zendesk is a professional-grade help desk system that has an API for extensibility and a low cost proposition.  It has been designed using ITIL best practices and is in every possible way geared towards providing support and service. Not customer relationship management, bug tracking or project management.


Video Demo: SmartSpaces, Social Platform

January 19, 2009

SmartSpace Thumbnail

“Smart Space
Company: GoDaddy
Type: Social Aggregator

Platform: Flash / HTML

Competitive Advantage:

Godaddy has integrated Smart Space as a way to let anyone register a domain name and then instantly turn it into a social web site.  All the technical work is done for you – the site builds itself automatically.

Pricing Information:

Prices for SmartSpace start at $4.99/month for 2 months. From there, the prices are as follows: 12 mo: $4.74/month, 24 mo: $4.49/month, or 36 mo: $4.24/month.

Video Presentation:

[kaltura-widget wid=”uy3iti7kio” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”2″ editpermission=”2″ /]
Welcome to the home of a SmartSpace domain.  SmartSpace is a robust, unique and personalized web experience that is tied together with a blog, photos, email, chat and more.

The functionality is ready to go, so your job is to pick what goes best with your domain.  It could be a blog, a podcast and chat.  Or, photos, email and a website.  Or, social space, an easy way to share everything you love about the web.

Want to start a conversation?  Fire up a chat application that gives you full administrator rights.  Like the ability to manage users and moderate public and private chat sessions.

With SocialSpace, you can pull information from all corners of the Web.  Flicker, YouTube, Google News.  Anything with an RSS feed is fair game.  You can even add personal stuff, like a FaceBook profile.  How ever you build it, your SmartSpace content will be housed under a common header that keeps everything under one roof.

We’ll even throw in seamless and simple navigation just because we can.  So check back often and in the meantime, pick up your own SmartSpace to create a Web experience that everyone will be talking about.

Thanks for watching.

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