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Market: SourceBooks (publisher) spends $3 – $7k on each iPhone app…

February 23, 2010
“Sourcebooks spends $3-$7K on each iPhone app, and does all development in-house (except coding).”via (

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KiwiTech Mobile Apps for eBook Publishers

February 19, 2010
KiwiTech.comKiwiTech is a mobile app services firm and was established in January 2009 in Washington DC by the founders of Aptara (formerly TechBooks)

We are now starting up our offices in Noida (Sector 4) and are working with a variety of European clients, including Spanish publishers. Our services include developing mobile (iPhone) apps for our clients.

KiwiTech develops cutting edge e-book readers for various mobile platforms. We have two distinct e-readers, the existing “Classique Reader” and the upcoming “Quantum Reader”.

“The Quantum Reader will change the way people read books by making the experience more enjoyable and convenient for them,” said Anita Gupta, President of KiwiTech.  “Also, Quantum single book apps are discoverable on the iPhone plus allow the ability for publishers to enhance their content with multimedia elements.”

KiwiTech also announced that it collaborated with publisher W.W. Norton & Company to release “The Blind Side” as Quantum’s first customized single ebook application.

Gupta said Quantum represents a critical innovation for KiwiTech, because it uses the ePub format to display text on smartphones.

Quantum allows users to:

  • Use a skimming feature to skip to a specific page number within an ebook
  • Adjust the font size to customize the reading experience
  • Annotate the text
  • Use multiple bookmarks within an ebook
  • Search for words or phrases
  • Use a backlit feature to enable better visibility for night reading

The firm collaborates with content providers to distribute premium content for three markets — consumers, associations, and schools – on various smartphone platforms.  KiwiTech also works with industry leaders to provide app development services.  KiwiTech currently has over 80 apps now available on different platforms (including the iPhone™ and BlackBerry Storm™) and has top 20 apps in several countries and in different languages.

Source:, Press Release (PDF)

Anita Gupta

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“Choose Your Own Adventure” eBooks? Hybrid books will change storytelling…

January 8, 2010

“Myebook, which helps users self-publish books online, is flexible with the definition of “book,” allowing text to be mashed up with video and applications. “

Hybrid eBooks will change storytelling via interactive media and “choose your own” adventure.

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Data Table: Top 300 Yellow Page Headings

February 1, 2009
Top 300 YP Headers

Top 300 YP Headers

I came across some interesting data the other day detailing the top 300 yellow page headers for 2006. This list shows you the most popular categories listed in the local phone book, based on the number of total references to a particular category listing.

As you can see, the top 3 categories are:

  • Restaurants (Fast Foods, Other & Non Specific)
  • Physician & Surgeons (Specialists & Non Specific)
  • Automobile Parts-New & Used

The data was stuck in a PDF document, so I grabbed it, parsed it and put it into a sortable data table to make it more functional. This data was compiled by the Yellow Pages Association.

Feel free to download the data table in CSV, JSON or XML format. Or download the PDF document if you want a hard copy.

Directory Publishers: Phone Book – YP WP

January 31, 2009

Here is a list of phone book / directory publishers that I have compiled. If you have any others to add, leave a comment and I’ll update the list.

3L System Group The Little Green Books Bahamas GoldenPages
Lawrence, Kansas Internet Yellow Pages Your Online Advertising Partner Your Source for Information
The Little Blue Book Data Publishing Directory Publishing Solutions
The Big Print Book... Always On Top First To Be Chosen™ Always There™ Golden State Directory Corporation
A CenturyTel Company Hometown Phone Book Impact Directories
The Business Directory That Helps Support Local Businesses in Australia Bermuda Yellow Pages Chile Yellow Pages
MacVan Publishing Bilingual Yellow Pages Five Star Phone Books!
Antigua & Barbuda Telephone Directory Large Print Directories Easy-to-Read™ Yellow Pages
The Readable Yellow Pages™ Salt Lake Community Telephone Directories The Better Book... Since 1985
The Guam Phone Book The BEST phone books in town! Your Guide to the Pacific Northwest
Tarheel Publishing Company Northern Directory Publishing Canyon Publishing
A Beautiful Place to Call Home South Dakota's - Find It Here - Telephone Directory eScout
Personal Touch - Advanced Communications

Source: InformationPages | PARTNERS.