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Javascript Information Visualization (JIT) for Titanium Mobile

September 4, 2011

The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit provides web standard based tools to create interactive data visualizations for the Web.  I’m porting this to a commonJS module for Titanium Mobile. Right now it’s a data explorer app for internal development at Semantic Press.



D + B School

March 22, 2011

“Design + Business” is a school of thought that hits at the heart of an identity crisis that I have personally struggled with: should I design or should I study finance/revenue and build a business. I find my self struggling to balance between the two as I work on startups, solve problems, build apps or productize ideas.  Form vs function is often conflicting in my mind… (more…)

Video Demo: ZenDesk

January 26, 2009


Company: Zendesk ApS, Denmark
Type: Help Desk, Hosted Solution
Platform: Ruby/ HTML

Competitive Advantage:

Zendesk is a professional-grade help desk system that has an API for extensibility and a low cost proposition.  It has been designed using ITIL best practices and is in every possible way geared towards providing support and service. Not customer relationship management, bug tracking or project management.