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Send a Fax in the Cloud and Save Money

October 16, 2009

As a mobile guy, I like to take my Mac with me and on the go.  But, sometimes I need to perform a few office duties like faxing documents.  I have switched to a completely virtual office and workspace, not just for administrative tasks, but for code development, server clusters, remote backup, etc.  Everything is virtualized in the cloud (aka, network).

However, when it comes to sending / receiving faxes, there’s a disconnect.  As much as VOIP has exploded in the past few years, surprisingly fax capabilities haven’t achieved much innovation.  I haven’t heard much talk around faxing in the cloud.  So far this is what I use…



Mosso: Remote Address Environment Variable with WordPress 2.7

January 15, 2009

I read an interesting post over at about a potential issue with WordPress obtaining the remote address environment variable when hosting with Mosso.   It seems that WordPress sees the IP address of the load balancers and not the IP address of the client.   This results from Mosso’s load balancers acting as a proxy.  This could be a problem for anyone using “REMOTE_ADDR” in an auto-scaling cloud.  But there may be a larger issue brewing for development with cloud computing. (more…)