Blog History

This site was created in early 2005, primarily as a place for me to learn Web app development.  I installed WordPress 1.? and began to explore PHP, Javascript, et al.  In the past, I was an ASP guy, but quickly fell in love with PHP.  I wrote a few WP plug-ins and tinkered with Ajax.  

Since then I’ve changed the design a few times.  Nothing Earth shattering.  Below are a few examples from the past…

Design Archive

2005 – “Surreal” - 2005

"Surreal", 2005 - Custom Graphics, CSS

Simple CSS design with custom graphics. I focused purely on working with WordPress and used the site as a notepad.

2005 – “Pops” 

Pop - 2005 (Flash + Ajax + JS Animation)

"Pops", 2005 - (Flash + Ajax + JS Animation)

This site “popped” every time you clicked a link or opened the page.  A popping sound occurred along with cartoon-like animation that dynamically displayed a page counter.  It was a silly test to learn how to mash asynchronous javascript with Flash animation.  The site pulled content dynamically from the server and only used Flash to load the “Pop” counter.  The page never refreshed and was coded before the term “Ajax” was coined.


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