Google Search Snippet for List Pages

I just came across a search result page on Google and noticed this new snippet…


Google Snippet for List Pages


Evidently they are referencing lists of information that is either semantically formatted within HTML (via rdfa), or are parsing structured information from popular resources on the net.  I’m interested in this due to my involvement with a startup that is looking at this concept.

After digging in a bit, I found  the official announcement from Google that describes what they are doing:

“If a search result consists mostly of a structured list, like a table or series of bullets, we’ll show a list of three relevant rows or items underneath the result in a bulleted format. The snippet will also show an approximate count of the total number of rows or items on the page (for example, “30+ items” in the screenshot below). ”

ex. 1

Search Snippets

Google Snippet for List Pages


This is another example of how structure data can enhance a product.  Rich snippets helps form the basis for inferring context and eventually intent.  If a search engine can give me concise, data-specific notes about my query, then you just saved me time.  I believe the next frontier is all about understanding data and applying reasoning to our world.  Yes, I’m a datajunkie.


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