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Heilmeier’s Catechism

March 23, 2011

Just a reminder to the startup community to think about Heilmeier’s catechism when creating products or solutions.

George H. Heilmeier is credited for asking a set of very basic questions that anyone proposing a research project or product development effort should be able to answer. (more…)


D + B School

March 22, 2011

“Design + Business” is a school of thought that hits at the heart of an identity crisis that I have personally struggled with: should I design or should I study finance/revenue and build a business. I find my self struggling to balance between the two as I work on startups, solve problems, build apps or productize ideas.  Form vs function is often conflicting in my mind… (more…)

At Fred’s Ranch

March 17, 2011

Panorama of the stables and corral. Fred is getting a lesson.

In late 2010 I had the pleasure of starting a company with a friend in California.  During my time there, I stayed at Fred’s ranch while we both worked on a new startup called Needly.  Fred’s ranch is a beautiful backdrop to the countless hours we invested in brainstorming, whiteboarding and problem solving.   (more…)