Titanium Mobile Docs App

Here’s a quick and dirty app launching the Titanium Mobile docs site as a self contained app.

I usually have about 25 tabs open at any given time in Chrome AND Firefox. So, when I need to reference the docs tab, I can’t always find it quickly. So, instead of looking for the Appcelerator favicon, I can use this app which speeds things up a bit. For example…

The Problem: Too many tabs open

The Problem: Too many tabs open

Instead, just run this app for quick access.

Titanium Mobile Docs App

I’ll build a Titanium Desktop app for this purpose, with offline support, but until then I’m using this app instead of depending on a browser tab window. Saves me time, so it may help you too.

Download it here:

Only works for Mac. Sorry no Windows version is available yet. Built using FluidApp.

If you need help with Titanium development or need an app built, feel free to connect with me on Twitter.


– Terry


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