Validation: “Book Publishers Warned to Get Moving On the Digital Revolution”

Elizabeth Weiss: “Look, this is nothing less than a revolution. This is going from an analogue world to a digital world. To think that we will reinvent ourselves once and that will be that would be an illusion, this is going to happen many, many times and the only thing that’s constant is rapid change.”

Stephen Page: “We will have 1,100 e-books available by June. Why? Because now the window has opened, we cannot pause; we cannot be slow because we can see that if we don’t make our books available, someone else will.”

Elizabeth Weiss is Academic and Digital Publishing Director at Allen & Unwin. Allen & Unwin is considered one of the leaders in digital publishing in Australia.

Stephen Page heads the literary publishing house Faber and Faber which is embracing the digital future of electronically published books. Stephen is credited with dragging Faber and Faber into the modern age. The firm has an impressive history publishing literary giants like T.S. Eliot, and novels that we’ve all read like Lord of the Flies.

Posted via web from Digital Publishing Trends – Semantic Press


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