Building an iPhone app for conference attendees? Take a look at the NBC Olympics iPhone app for inspiration


Are there any conference mobile apps out there?

Maybe I need to develop an app for conferences… hmm..

Here’s the inspiration:

The NBC Olympics iPhone app is a well thought out application that combines schedule information, news, highlights, scores and has social integration with push notification.  With all the features packed in, you can easily see how this app can complement your Winter Olympic experience.   It’s also good example of what I view as a powerful mobile conference app… one that complements your experience and helps you navigate the maze of options.

Let me know if you find other conference apps.
Or, if you need an app like this contact me.


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4 Responses to “Building an iPhone app for conference attendees? Take a look at the NBC Olympics iPhone app for inspiration”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Do you know of any folks who develop conference apps? Or do you? I am working with a smaller organization that is hosting a conference in 7 weeks, expected attendance is around 200 people and we just want a new way for the conference attendees to access their schedules, map out locations for side events, etc.

  2. eh44s Says:

    BigForge ( has a product called LocalBeacon, an iphone app builder, that conventions and convention centers are using. Here's an example of one of their apps – L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival at

  3. Tim Masterson Says:

    Here is an even easier approach.  Go to  You can pick a theme, and add your data via a web content management system.  It’s multi platform and way cheaper than making your own.  Pretty nice looking.

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