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Syndication: O’Reilly Digital Distribution Debuts (ODD) at TOC

February 24, 2010

Looking to turn its e-publishing expertise into a new business, O’Reilly Media is launching O’Reilly Digital Distribution, a new division offering publishers a complete e-book publishing service. Starting with text conversion, O’Reilly Digital Distribution can output files in any format for any device or e-reader and market and distribute the e-titles though an extensive and growing network of e-book retail channels.

In an interview conducted at O’Reilly’s annual Tools of Change conference in Manhattan, Laura Baldwin, chief operating officer of O’Reilly Media, said the new service will offer free conversion as part of a comprehensive program that will secure and store a publisher’s digital files and market and distribute them into 24 digital e-book retail channels (with 40 more under development) and in every format. ODD can turnout e-books for any format–from Kindle to iPhone to Stanza and Android readers like Aldiko. Publishers pay a fee of 25% of sales–no fees, she emphasized, until the e-books are in the sales channels. “We’ve automated the process of digital title conversion and production and for us this is all about sales and marketing,” Baldwin said. “It’s about getting e-books into the retail channels and there are more channels coming online all the time.”

Baldwin said the service grew out taking over the distribution of Microsoft titles last year. “We won the bid because of our sophisticated digital infrastructure. It took us seven weeks to go live with 200 Microsoft titles and make them available as e-books and apps.” A longtime champion of the e-book category, O’Reilly has seen its own e-book sales rise steadily and the publisher has been aggressive in offering e-books in all formats as well as bundling e-books with print. Andrew Savikas, O’Reilly’s v-p of digital initiatives, has said that O’Reilly’s Safari Books Online, a subscription service that gives it client access to library of digital titles, is its second largest sales channel.

The new division will be directed by O’Reilly Digital Distribution general manager Pascal Honscher and Baldwin said the company would be hiring new workers as well as promoting from within.

Baldwin said they were marketing the service to all kinds of publishers, not just technical houses. “We’re looking beyond technology books to poetry and fiction,” and she said the services and pricing can be customized to what a publisher needs. “If a publisher only needs conversion or only wants marketing and distribution support, we’ll work with them to come up with a different price.”

Baldwin compared the new service to the annual TOC conference: “The TOC is designed to help publishers and this service has evolved out of that. We know technology is driving the publishing business now, but people shouldn’t have to deal with technology issues. We want to take the technological confusion and ambiguity away and help publisher get their books to readers.”

You can find O’Reilly Digital Distribution here:

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Market: SourceBooks (publisher) spends $3 – $7k on each iPhone app…

February 23, 2010
“Sourcebooks spends $3-$7K on each iPhone app, and does all development in-house (except coding).”via (

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KiwiTech Mobile Apps for eBook Publishers

February 19, 2010
KiwiTech.comKiwiTech is a mobile app services firm and was established in January 2009 in Washington DC by the founders of Aptara (formerly TechBooks)

We are now starting up our offices in Noida (Sector 4) and are working with a variety of European clients, including Spanish publishers. Our services include developing mobile (iPhone) apps for our clients.

KiwiTech develops cutting edge e-book readers for various mobile platforms. We have two distinct e-readers, the existing “Classique Reader” and the upcoming “Quantum Reader”.

“The Quantum Reader will change the way people read books by making the experience more enjoyable and convenient for them,” said Anita Gupta, President of KiwiTech.  “Also, Quantum single book apps are discoverable on the iPhone plus allow the ability for publishers to enhance their content with multimedia elements.”

KiwiTech also announced that it collaborated with publisher W.W. Norton & Company to release “The Blind Side” as Quantum’s first customized single ebook application.

Gupta said Quantum represents a critical innovation for KiwiTech, because it uses the ePub format to display text on smartphones.

Quantum allows users to:

  • Use a skimming feature to skip to a specific page number within an ebook
  • Adjust the font size to customize the reading experience
  • Annotate the text
  • Use multiple bookmarks within an ebook
  • Search for words or phrases
  • Use a backlit feature to enable better visibility for night reading

The firm collaborates with content providers to distribute premium content for three markets — consumers, associations, and schools – on various smartphone platforms.  KiwiTech also works with industry leaders to provide app development services.  KiwiTech currently has over 80 apps now available on different platforms (including the iPhone™ and BlackBerry Storm™) and has top 20 apps in several countries and in different languages.

Source:, Press Release (PDF)

Anita Gupta

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Validation: “Book Publishers Warned to Get Moving On the Digital Revolution”

February 19, 2010

Elizabeth Weiss: “Look, this is nothing less than a revolution. This is going from an analogue world to a digital world. To think that we will reinvent ourselves once and that will be that would be an illusion, this is going to happen many, many times and the only thing that’s constant is rapid change.”

Stephen Page: “We will have 1,100 e-books available by June. Why? Because now the window has opened, we cannot pause; we cannot be slow because we can see that if we don’t make our books available, someone else will.”

Elizabeth Weiss is Academic and Digital Publishing Director at Allen & Unwin. Allen & Unwin is considered one of the leaders in digital publishing in Australia.

Stephen Page heads the literary publishing house Faber and Faber which is embracing the digital future of electronically published books. Stephen is credited with dragging Faber and Faber into the modern age. The firm has an impressive history publishing literary giants like T.S. Eliot, and novels that we’ve all read like Lord of the Flies.

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Competition: PubFactory, Digital Publishing Platform

February 18, 2010

PubFactory is a digital publishing platform that emerges from iFactory’s many years of solving their clients’ pressing Web publishing demands, alongside iFactory’s habit of throwing in a few extra-demanding capabilities of their own.  They’ve taken what they’ve figured out and rationalized the process into a platform, and the platform is impressive.

PubFactory is content online publishing platform “built from the ground up to support books, reference works, and journals in a variety of XML formats, with full support for PDF, images, and other rich media.”  Sounds, good, but not unique, right?  Here’s what I really like hearing about: “…management tools for librarians and administrators, and a full suite of back-end controls for publishers to control their content and manage relationships with their customers.

The range of options that are oriented to a publisher’s customers is impressive, and includes such things as flexible ecommerce, access models, social media, analytical metrics, to name the big ones, and the flexibility in publishing control is also smart, with strong search and browsing, DOI and various library-specific support, customization, and, basically, push-button PDF and ePUB creation.

The biggest surprise about PubFactory, however, is its sheer scalability. Using PubFactory, and slated for release in late spring 2010, Oxford Dictionaries Online (part of Oxford University Press) will present modern English dictionaries, thesauruses, and usage guides. Not exactly a chapbook.
33 Farnsworth Street
Boston MA, 02210

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Report: “Lessons for Digital Marketers… What Marketing Professionals Can Learn from the Worlds Leading Publishers”

February 18, 2010

Gilbane-Beacon-DigitalMarketing-Nstein-11-09.pdf (573 KB)
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From the introduction:

". . .  Internet marketing will increase at the expense of traditional advertising, which is predicted to decline. This means that digital marketers will clearly be challenged to bring in the lion’s share of new customers and revenues. . . . 

"Gilbane believes that digital marketing managers can learn a great deal about leveraging content assets by drawing on the experiences of other content-rich organizations. One of the best candidate industries for lessons learned is the publishing industry. Challenges faced by CMOs and publishers are very similar: content closely tied to revenue streams, large volumes of diverse content types, rapidly evolving expectations regarding personalized content and interactivity, and requirement for frictionless publishing in order to meet the need for content immediacy. "

The paper is available for download now, along with a recording of the companion webinar. The paper was also distributed at Gilbane Boston conference.

By Mary Laplante
Date: 11-2009

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Report: “Digital Platforms and Technologies for Publishers: Implementations Beyond eBook”

February 18, 2010

Gilbane-Beyond-eBook-May-09.pdf (2412 KB)
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By Steve Paxhia & Bill Trippe

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iPad App Store Pricing Strategy?

February 17, 2010

With the impending release of the iPad, developers are starting to talk about increasing the price point of apps.  With the added real estate available on the iPad, there is an opportunity to pack in more features that can deliver desktop quality applications to the iPad.  This of course will affect pricing across the board, especially for interactive applications. (more…)

Building an iPhone app for conference attendees? Take a look at the NBC Olympics iPhone app for inspiration

February 15, 2010


Are there any conference mobile apps out there?

Maybe I need to develop an app for conferences… hmm..

Here’s the inspiration:

The NBC Olympics iPhone app is a well thought out application that combines schedule information, news, highlights, scores and has social integration with push notification.  With all the features packed in, you can easily see how this app can complement your Winter Olympic experience.   It’s also good example of what I view as a powerful mobile conference app… one that complements your experience and helps you navigate the maze of options. (more…)

The Math on Evernote

February 7, 2010

logo.evernoteIt’s rare to get a glimpse at the financial numbers behind tech start-ups; especially, if they are VC-funded with a total $25m raised over the past few years.

Evernote’s CEO Phil Libin exchanged an email dialogue with Tod Sattersten, in a recent interview, which provides a peek at their math and subscriber base.