Send a Fax in the Cloud and Save Money

As a mobile guy, I like to take my Mac with me and on the go.  But, sometimes I need to perform a few office duties like faxing documents.  I have switched to a completely virtual office and workspace, not just for administrative tasks, but for code development, server clusters, remote backup, etc.  Everything is virtualized in the cloud (aka, network).

However, when it comes to sending / receiving faxes, there’s a disconnect.  As much as VOIP has exploded in the past few years, surprisingly fax capabilities haven’t achieved much innovation.  I haven’t heard much talk around faxing in the cloud.  So far this is what I use…

There are 2 services that I use, both of which seem to be made in the pre-2000 era, but have maintained a sense of competitive edge over larger monthly subscription models (,, etc.

Why Cloud?

Why is it better? InterFAX maintains a developer API for service integration. Offers XML service (.NET, SOAP, WSDL), email gateway (SMTP) or ActiveX (COM objects).

Fax directly from Outlook, email or web service. Manage your own CSID name.

I use this to send faxes for about $.11 / page.  Simply email a PDF attachment to [FAXNUMBER] Easy faxing via email.  No per page charge or high monthly fees.  Just drop dead simple. Yes, there are other services that offer email-to-fax services, but Faxaway is the CHEAPEST and highly reliable. Probably the cheapest and easiest way to send a fax. $1 monthly fee. $.11 per minute, not per page.

These are the two services out of about 20 that I checked with that offers flexible, cheap and simple ways to interface programmatically.  If you know of others, let me know.  I’m always looking for ways to make life more portable and efficient!


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