WP e-Commerce v3.6.12 Fix: “ui.panel is undefined”

For those who have upgraded WordPress to 2.8 and are having problems with WP e-Commerce v3.6.12, here’s the fix regarding selecting tabs in the “Settings” option page.

Problem: “I checked the general settings, saw some new things, then clicked on the next tab. And clicked. And clicked. Not working. Refreshed. Clicked. Nothing. Hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) – nothing.” Source

ui.panel is undefined

You need to change the variable ‘ui.panel.id‘ to ‘$tabs‘ in the wp-e-commerce/admin.js file:
Line 106: Change 'ui.panel.id' to $tabs
Line 111: Change 'ui.panel.id' to $tabs
Line 116: Change 'ui.panel.id' to $tabs

I ran into the same issue while updating a few sites.  If you would rather download the modded JS file, let me know.


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3 Responses to “WP e-Commerce v3.6.12 Fix: “ui.panel is undefined””

  1. Darrick Says:

    Hi there, thanks for this fix. Just wondering if you know a fix for this other problem: after upgrading to 3.6.12, the sort order of the products becomes reversed, i.e. the oldest products show up as the first one on the page. The option in Presentation says Time Uploaded, but yet it doesn’t give the option of Descending or Ascending. (I was previously using 3.6.8 with no problems, all the latest products show up first)..


  2. Miharbi Hernandez Says:

    thank you very much, greetings from venezuela, for me the lines were, 81,105,110,115,120

  3. Justin Sainton Says:

    Another option, which I did, was to change line 74, which was
    “$tabs = jQuery(‘#wpsc_options > ul#tabs’).tabs();”
    “$tabs = jQuery(‘#wpsc_options > ul#tabs’).tabs();
    ui.panel.id = $tabs;”

    That seemed to work pretty well.

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