Graph Visualization: Graph Gear

Graph Gear is an open platform for graph visualization (the mathematical kind, not the bar chart kind). It allows you to create an interactive graph with force directed layout that has a good interactive user experience.

Graph Gear Visualization

Graph Gear allows you to quickly render a customizable interaction graph that is described by a graph xml file. All you need to do is embed it in your page and pass the xml over javascript. It provides nice interactive capabilities and a force directed layout. The code is editable and compilable with MTASC, and it also features a javascript api to control graph interactions.

Since it’s based on XML, you can easily create new nodes and author relationships without much effort.  Just reference the XML doc as a flash variable and load the page.  Graph visualization is simple.

Here’s a Graph Gear demo


I looks like this project is dead.  Feel free to use my demo and grab the zip file if needed.



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2 Responses to “Graph Visualization: Graph Gear”

  1. Dude Says:

    Do you have the .fla file that comes with the Graph Gear stuff ?

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