SVG Database Server?

One drawback that I’ve noticed is that SVG may be too intense on the client side, especially when dealing with large datasets or mobile applications.  Performance issues are at play.  To overcome this, a SVG database server may make sense to handle the relational data.  Check out this report:

A storing approach for spatial visualizing database based on XML-SVG

As a network standard of graphic visualization, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) faces an uncompleted representation of spatial information such as spatial position, spatial relations and map symbols and map decoration. And it’s either impossible to avoid a great capacity of spatial data processing which slowed down the executing speed of the system on client side. Thus, a SVG-based visualizing database has been proposed as the solution for managing all the graphics and its attributes of SVG document in a DBMS for Web GIS. The experimental results of the solution shown, 1) it improves the efficiency of visualizing data transforming and displaying and saves at least half of the implementing time; 2) it provides an operation in element level based on the designed database structure by selecting the medium granularity as a storing node; 3) the storing scheme can hold the characteristics of spatial information including spatial position, spatial relations and map symbols and map decoration by the comparison of both data in document and in the database; 4) it showed an advantage of the interactive operation with connecting multiply scale of data layers; 5) the database can creates an externally stored scheme which makes a directly connection between spatial graphic object and joining attribute database.


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