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It’s up and running…

October 19, 2005

Ok. I’ve been working on my personal site for about 3 weeks now. Developed the framework (and prototype) for a front-end CMS loader using nifty AJAX.  Then, I ran into a snag…



In Honor of Clay Quackenbush

October 19, 2005

During my “wilderness” days, building Cycle Mart (now called Terry’s Bike Shop) in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I would frequently go to my dad’s bar (Terry Martin’s Lounge) and listen to live music.  In fact, every Wednesday through Saturday you could listen to great music and relax with friends.  Most notably there would always be Clay Quackenbush every Thursday night…

Clay was one man that lived life and loved music. Something I strive for everyday. But, on Monday, October 3rd 2005, Clay lost his long fight with cancer. He was a classically trained trombone player who had the talent of many men.

I had the pleasure and humbling experience of listening and watching him pursue life through his music… all while knowing the end was uncomfortably close.

For him to remain humble and at peace seemed impossible to many. But, I feel through his music he was able to live like nothing else mattered. Perhaps this captures the essence of something far greater than I can comprehend; the essence of life and the balance of music as medicine for the soul.

“A toast to you Clay. I'll see you sometime.” - Terry Martin

“A toast to you Clay. I’ll see you sometime.” - Terry Martin


October 10, 2005

Smilin’ From the Bone Yard
Hot Springs recently lost one of the finest musicians to play in the city of vapors. Clay Quackenbush, known for his infectious smile and his smooth trombone play, lost his long fight with cancer on Monday, October 3. Thursday evening, October 6, Clay’s family and friends gathered at Terry Martin’s Lounge to celebrate the life of one of the most courageous men I’ve ever known….  READ MORE